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We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.  Joseph Campbell

An iRest® Yoga Nidra Donation-based Benefit Class

Dharma Yoga, June 2, 4-5:15pm 

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iRest® yoga nidra is a healing meditation practice based on ancient yogic and nondual teachings. Benefits can range from deep relaxation and restoration to a profound sense of ease and clarity, even in the midst of challenging life situations.

On June 2nd, I will share an iRest experience at Dharma Yoga with time at the end for questions and discussion. You will be given access to the recording of the guided practice. Suggested donation is $15, however, any amount offered will be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go to support the Integrative Restoration Institute ( in their efforts to alleviate suffering for people around the world, especially for communities that are vulnerable and in need.

Coming Home to Ourselves through the Practice of Meditation

Yoga Yoga North, April 21, 1-4:30pm 



be easy. take your time. you are coming home. to yourself.  Nayyirah Waheed

Have you ever had the feeling of being at Home in yourself? How did it feel in your body? What else became available in those moments? What did you come to know as true?

Perhaps it was in a moment where circumstances or conditions were not necessarily perfect.  It might even have felt a little messy, yet at the same time you experienced the ease or the peacefulness of Being at home in your humanity.  The messy parts were not denied. The ‘put together’ parts were not held close. It was all just allowed to Be.

This ground of Being can feel natural and familiar, almost like we have always known how to Be.  Sometimes we have just forgotten. The felt sense of Being can reveal an underlying stillness, spaciousness and silence.  This unchanging ground gently embraces the depths of our changing humanity.

How do we get there?  Well, perhaps there is no where to get.  It is already here, and what is needed is pause and rest. The portal is the field of the body itself.  What do we do when we are there?  Once we are oriented, there is nothing to do.  We can Be, feel and sense what already is.

This afternoon event will primarily be an experiential exploration. While words can convey understanding, ultimately the jewel is known in experience itself.  With this in mind, I will orient briefly to practices and then guide you toward your direct experience and the wisdom within.

Our time will include gentle and enlivening pranayama and movement.  There will be periods of pause, and quiet sitting or reclining. I will lead you through a longer guided iRest® yoga nidra meditation, and we will also explore the ground of Being through walking meditation.  Our time will close with inquiry, journaling, and sharing as it feels appropriate to you. This will be open to all levels. There are no barriers to Being. All that is needed is the curiosity to explore.

Monthly iRest Gathering

Email me at to inquire. 


We are all just walking each other Home.  Ram Dass

I will be offering a monthly iRest gathering from home for the next 4 months where we will have time for a few minutes of pranayama and/or light movement, a brief orientation to what I will lead you through, (~30 minute) guided iRest practice and inquiry, closing with an opportunity to share and listen. You will receive a recording of the guided practice.  My intention is for this time to be experiential, and grounded in a sense of safety and community. 

iRest is a healing practice of guided meditation and inquiry. In practice, we explore meeting life as life is. Some will experience deep rest and relaxation during the initial practices. This can be incredibly restorative. As the practitioner has replenished oneself, he/she will feel more alert to the layers of experience that are being revealed.  The gift of this practice is in slowly returning to an ease of being in the midst of life, and to a felt sense of wholeness and the wisdom within.

Simplicity of Being Retreat

Yoga and Meditation Immersion in Tulum, Mexico

with Sheila Singh & Karlie Lemos

7 nights, March 17-24, 2018