Processing Grief & Reclaiming Vitality

Grief and loss are a part of the tapestry of human experience. Yet, often we lack the spaces and the practices that can support us to navigate grief in a meaningful way. We are enmeshed in a culture that often encourages us to push through, to mask what feels tender and vulnerable, or to feel that our challenges aren’t big enough to be named. However, no matter how large or small, grief left unmet remains in our bodies and consumes our energy. Processing this range of emotions and experiences within sacred community allows us to feel seen and heard, and supports us to reclaim our vitality of Being.

I look forward to co-creating this experience with you. Across the two hours, I will share meditation and yoga nidra practices with time to connect, share, and listen to one another. Nothing is needed other than your interest and curiosity to lean in. This community circle will be limited to ten people.

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Bridging Grief and Hope in Community

These past 12+ months have likely elicited the full range of human experience, from grief to unexpected joy, loss and hope, discomfort and comfort. I invite you into a sacred circle of community, to move, breathe, share and witness. It is often through the power of community that we can draw upon collective strength to open more fully to what has been left unseen or unmet.

In this online class, we will come together to both grieve what has been lost in the year passed, and to equally imagine what might be possible in the year to come. During our time, you can expect brief seated movement, a centering, and space to give voice to your experience and to listen to others. I will share a 25 minute yoga nidra practice to support this journey. This class will be limited to 10 people who are open to and seeking this kind of exploration.

You can sign up at Studio Satya in the online class schedule.

Studio Satya 300 Hr Teacher Training

Dates coming soon (both online option and limited space for live attendance)

Among the modules by my colleagues, I’ll be offering a 15 hour module on Holding Space and Fostering Community that you can sign up for individually or take as part of the 300 hour comprehensive program.

Holding Space and Fostering Community Module (15 hours):

In this module, we will explore what it means to hold space for healing and to foster community. Both are intimately tied, as trusted communities can support healing, and this in turn strengthens the circle of community itself. A healing space welcomes people to show up as they are, where they are met and held with compassion, and without agenda. As facilitators, we can learn how to hold the container for individuals to approach the edge of both comfort and discomfort, as they are ready, where often growth or shift awaits them on the other side. No matter to whom or what you are teaching, this module will help you become aware of the energetic movements happening within a group, and how to hold your offering with skill, care and ongoing self-inquiry. Our time will be a combination of conversation, reflection, meditation and journaling.