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We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.  Joseph Campbell

Coming Home to Ourselves through the Practice of Meditation

Yoga Yoga North, April 21, 1-4:30pm 


Meditation is a practice of coming home to yourself, feeling at peace with your humanity, and at rest in the midst of life.  Here, at any moment, you may experience an abiding calm that is resonating with the call of life itself. This event is an invitation for you to explore and open to the experiences that meditation can reveal.

We will begin our time together by exploring pranayama (breathing exercises) to regulate our nervous system followed by gentle and intuitive movement.  This will lead into a guided iRest® yoga nidra meditation.  During this guided practice, you are invited to be with life as life is, while meeting experience one layer at a time.  This can usher forward a depth of ease that often goes unnoticed or remains obscured.  You may feel deeply relaxed and simultaneously awake to the subtle energies of life moving through you.

There will also be time for walking meditation, a short period of quiet sitting, inquiry/journaling, and an opportunity to share with a partner, if that feels appropriate.  The first of the two part inquiry will involve recognizing what self-care means for you and how it looks in your life.  The second inquiry will guide you into listening for what truly matters in your heart, and the greater sense of purpose that is permeating life.

While each of us hears our calling in our own time, I hope you will leave this workshop with experiential understanding and personal insights.  All that is asked is that you come with a sense of play and curiosity.  This event will be open to all levels of practitioners.

Simplicity of Being Retreat

Yoga and Meditation Immersion in Tulum, Mexico

with Sheila Singh & Karlie Lemos

7 nights, March 17-24, 2018  (Only 2 double occupancy casitas left)

This time will be an opportunity to slow down, simplify and restore.  As we take time to fall away from the busyness of our lives and the drive of our roles and responsibilities, we can begin to retreat within, nourish and gently align with our heart’s calling.

We have chosen a retreat space that rests directly on the shores of Tulum and will be private, limited to a small group of about sixteen.  We hope this combination will allow for nourishment, warmth of community and nature.  We will offer daily practices that will include meditation, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and all levels yoga asana. You can set your agenda or have none at all , allowing the moment to guide and nourish you.

I am grateful to offer this experience alongside Karlie Lemos.  If this resonates with what your heart has been calling for, I would love for you to join us.

Below is the link for more detailed information on the retreat.


Monthly iRest Gathering

Email me at to inquire. 

I will be offering a monthly iRest gathering from home for the next 4 months where we will have time for a few minutes of pranayama and/or light movement, a brief orientation to what I will lead you through, (~30 minute) guided iRest practice and inquiry, closing with an opportunity to share and listen. You will receive a recording of the guided practice.  My intention is for this time to be experiential, and grounded in a sense of safety and community. 

iRest is a healing practice of guided meditation and inquiry. In practice, we explore meeting life as life is. Some will experience deep rest and relaxation during the initial practices. This can be incredibly restorative. As the practitioner has replenished oneself, he/she will feel more alert to the layers of experience that are being revealed.  The gift of this practice is in slowly returning to an ease of being in the midst of life, and to a felt sense of wholeness and the wisdom within.

Three Week Mini Series on iRest® Meditation 

Home Studio Space, Thursday’s 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12-1:15pm IMG_0872

Cost $49    

If you feel this exploration will benefit you, but the pricing is not accessible, I will hold 1 to 2 sliding scale spaces for all offerings from my home. I ask that you commit to the full series and offer what you can comfortably pay.

My intention for this small group experience will be to introduce you to a few of the fundamental aspects of iRest® yoga nidra meditation with focus on tools for remaining grounded and resourced. We will explore what tools we might currently have and I will share what iRest can offer you in this regard and how we can weave all of this into our practice. Life is not always easy, nor is practice. However, we all have the potential to remain at ease amidst the fluctuations of life.

Class time will include gathering/centering, exploring tools and foundations, and a longer guided iRest® practice to close.  You will receive the recordings of the guided practices.  This will be limited to 8 spots.  Please email me at if you are interested.