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Guided Meditations

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.  Mary Oliver

I offer these audios from the heart. Please feel free to use if they resonate with you. Remember that there is no right or wrong way for practice to unfold. Your experience is perfect exactly as it is.  If you feel you would benefit from more support, please look to your local communities for teachers. If you live in Austin, TX, I am happy to direct you to the wonderful circle of teachers here as well as the classes that I offer.

I also offer guided meditations through the Insight Timer application.  You can follow my offerings through the following link or by downloading the app on your smart phone :

  • iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation on Mind Oasis: 4 min orientation & a 15 min practice

This recording is a practice offered on Mind Oasis.  It begins with a few minutes of orientation to the practice of iRest yoga nidra.  The guided practice begins at about 4:43 and is about fifteen minutes long.  You will be guided from opening the senses, to feeling body sensations and the breath.  Throughout practice you will be invited to explore into the feeling of Being as it might be opening up for you.

  • Body, Breath and Being, iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation: 16 minute practice

This is an iRest® yoga nidra meditation practice that invites you to welcome your experience as it is, moment to moment, while remaining awake to the feeling of ease as it arises. You will journey through the body and the breath, while taking moments to open to the ground of Being as it is revealed. In closing, you will be invited to listen for intention, and if available, envisioning it into your day.

  • Relaxing into Loving Kindness: 28 minute practice

This yoga nidra practice guides you through the sounds and quiet of the environment, inward to the body of sensation, vibration, and ultimately opening to the field of Being and the warmth of loving kindness.

  • Freedom within the Dance: 23 minute practice

In this practice, you will take time to feel into both the objects within your experience, and to rest in the space through which these objects come and go.  The objects may be the sounds in our environment, the sensations and breath in our body or the passing of emotions and thoughts.  Often the objects obscure the spaciousness that is eternally here, very much like the clouds that obscure the vastness of the sky. 

  • Simply Being: 10 minute practice

Simply being is a sweet respite from the constant state of doing, planning and managing life. If you are not accustomed to this, initially you may feel uncomfortable and perhaps even more restless. With time, however, it may bring forward the felt sense of calm, as well a more sincere recognition of the state of your being. 

  • Coming Home to Essential Nature: 23 minutes

This guided meditation invites you to be with the moment as it is and simultaneously to experience the Truth of your essential nature. When we no longer struggle with moments or wish for them to be some other way, a quiet peacefulness and lightness of Presence ushers forward, very much like the sun that always rises.  We begin to feel and touch into all of the flavors of life and slowly open to the unchanging essence of Presence and the wisdom that lies within.

  • Inner Resource and Relaxation : 21 minutes

 This guided meditation focuses on nourishing an inner refuge of ground, ease and safety within yourself.  This can be a wonderful resource to connect with in the midst of your day.

  • Breath Meditation: 8 minutes

This short guided meditation leads you through affirming intention, opening to the changing experience of the breath and closing  by dropping into the experience of unchanging Presence.

  • Nourishing Inner Resource: 3 minutes

This guided meditation focuses on nourishing Inner Resource.  Inner resource is the felt sense of an underlying well-being, ground, and safety that can be evoked through imagery, and ultimately experienced in the field of the body. 

  • Pause into Timeless Presence: 2 minutes  

Shorter meditations, a few times through the day can be both accessible and deeply beneficial.  As my teachers remind me, “little and often” is a great way to weave meditation into your day.