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Stillness.  One of the doorways into the temple. Mary Oliver


My intention in sharing this space is to convey the path and the practice of meditation.  Practice can be considered as the formal ground of exploration either on one’s own or in a community, whereas the path is the daily, informal life expression that is a meditation in and of itself. 

While people explore meditation for many reasons, perhaps ultimately we arrive to experience an abiding calm or stillness amidst the movements of life. We may be longing for a place of rest and the feeling of being at home within ourselves, just as we are.

There are many methods and lineages that offer guidance, and at the same time there is a simplicity that invites you into Being with your direct experience.  As ordinary as this seems, it is at the same time profound and can reveal a depth of ease and calm.  This does not require thoughts to subside, circumstances to shift, nor for you to change in any way.  It simply asks that you meet and include the moment as it is. The experience of Being is closer than you may think.

If the curiosity is there, my heartfelt intention is to support you along your journey through my own.

In Peace,

Sheila Singh



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