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An iRest Yoga Nidra Rest-Shop

The new year is a beautiful time to slow down, restore and rest in the depths of one’s heart. In this rest-shop at Dharma Yoga Austin, I will offer a gentle practice, including breathing, gentle embodied movements and iRest Yoga Nidra. We will close by planting seeds of inquiry so that when the answers appear, we may hear – what (way of Being) is most calling us into the year that can guide how we show up for ourselves and others, and where we engage.

Their will be no agenda, other than for this to be a safe space for you to meet the truth and wisdom within you.

No experience required, simply your curiosity.
January 26th 4-6pm

** iRest Yoga Nidra is a healing practice of guided meditation/rest.  Please click on this link for more information.  

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Gratitude, iRest Benefit

Today I am grateful for all the individuals who showed up yesterday to explore the practice of iRest® yoga nidra.  Yesterday’s event was a benefit class where donations were suggested but optional, still everyone generously offered what felt right.  All of the proceeds collected will go to the Integrative Restoration Institute, to support the work they do in bringing the benefits of these practices to those less fortunate and often without access to such resources. When I first considered offering this benefit, I was unsure that I had the time or that I would find the space that felt right.  My heart remained curious, and almost as if without much effort, conversations began happening, studio space was kindly offered and the event was set in motion. 

I hold this practice close to my heart.  After many years of exploring meditation and yoga, I discovered the practice of yoga nidra and the nondual teachings from which they arise.  Richard Miller skillfully took these teachings and practice, and framed them to be more accessible to modern day practitioners of any faith or belief system.  The iRest® yoga nidra practice is additionally based on the understanding of how trauma is held in our bodies, the current understanding of neuroscience, and positive psychology.  While a traditional yoga nidra practice often invites the individual to bring forward given images, those images are not always applicable to all cultures or communities today.  Instead, iRest places autonomy in the hands of the practitioner.  They are invited to meet experience as it is unfolding for them, and imagery that arises naturally over the course of practice.  The added emphasis of creating a safe container for the inward journey, and skillful ways to be with experience that might feel difficult allows this to be a trauma sensitive practice.

The foundation of practice is in Being and meeting life as it is, moment to moment.  Here as we take our hands off the steering wheel, something profound becomes available.  We have the opportunity to consciously rest and restore.  We have space to meet experience more fully, to glean the many messages that are being offered, and the opportunity to come into right relationship with life … and, further, to come into harmony with our dharma, the heartfelt purpose that is and has been living within us.

I have benefitted deeply from this practice.  I have had the opportunity to integrate past experiences which before I did not feel like I could safely meet, or skillfully hold.  I have had glimpses into my heart’s purpose and longing, and have felt more at home in myself than ever before.  I continue to be on this journey of homecoming.  I won’t tell you that it looks clean or more graceful, but I feel Grace carrying me along the way.  I am a little more willing to allow moments to be messy and without direction.  This has helped me to feel a sense of freedom in life, and to trust that the obstacles and detours are still steering me in the right direction.

Thank you to all those who came to explore this practice.  I truly appreciate the generosity of your time, presence and donations.  I would also like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Keith Katchtik of Dharma Yoga for offering his studio space and support for this event.




An iRest Donation-Based Benefit Class

I am happy to announce that I will be sharing a donation-based iRest® yoga nidra class at Dharma Yoga on June 2nd, 4-5:15 pmiRest yoga nidra is a trauma informed, healing practice of guided meditation. Individuals can experience a wide range of benefit, from deep relaxation and restoration, alleviation of stress and anxiety, clarity within life situations, to awakening to one’s Essential nature. I have personally experienced profound healing and ease from this practice, and feel grateful to be able to share it.

During this class, I will offer a brief orientation to iRest yoga nidra, and then guide you through a 45 minute practice.  Practitioners often explore in a reclining position, but any posture that sets you at ease will be perfect.  We will have time at the end for questions and discussion.  All of your donations will go directly to support the Integrative Restoration Institute in their efforts to alleviate suffering in the world, and especially for communities that are vulnerable and in need.

I hope you will join me on Saturday, June 2nd to rest and restore, and connect with the Ease that you already are.  Please don’t let the suggested donation amount be a barrier. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Below is the flyer for this event.  I welcome you to register beforehand at Dharma Yoga’s website, but you can also show up the day of.  Space will be limited.

Registration link here.

DharmaYogaDonationiRest copy

New Classes at Dharma Yoga

I am  happy to share that I will be teaching two classes at Dharma Yoga beginning in the new year.  The classes will be Tuesdays at noon and Wednesdays at 9:30am beginning the week of January 13th.  These classes will be a blend of Buddhist/Zen insight, moderate flow, yin yoga and meditation.  It is a sweet combination of the many aspects of yoga that I enjoy exploring and sharing.

This schedule change also means that I will no longer be teaching my Wednesday, 9am vinyasa at Yoga Yoga Westgate.  I will be sad to say bye to the students that I have come to know and love.  The rest of my teaching schedule will remain the same for now at Yoga Yoga and I hope that our paths will cross again.

Change can be challenging.  It takes us out of what we know and where we feel comfortable.  But with change comes the beautiful opportunity to grow and learn, and I welcome it.

With love & respect,