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Weekly Classes

I pin my hopes to quiet processes and small circles, in which vital and transforming events take place.  Rufus Jones

In this new year of classes, I will be offering a gentle progression of themes, allowing a week or two of exploration per theme. We will begin with the foundations: uncovering heartfelt purpose in life, intention in our days which might include a fresh commitment to practice, and the feeling sense of an Inner Resource to which we can return at any point for refuge and nourishing.  From these foundations, we will begin to explore the koshas or layers of our being.  While a class discussion might hone in on a specific layer, guided practice will often include meeting all the layers: Body, Breath, Emotions, Thoughts, Joy and Being (Awareness)

Current Theme:  Mining the layer of Emotions

Yoga Yoga North, Meditation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Noon

This hour long class includes time for a few minutes of gentle movement and/or pranayama, exploration of teachings and how they land in our experience, and 25 to 35 minutes of guided meditation influenced by the method of iRest® yoga nidra. Guidance includes space for silence. There is ample time for both individual and group inquiry and sharing as it feels appropriate.

Dharma Yoga, Gentle Hatha

Wednesday at 9:30am

This class begins with about 60 minutes of arriving, setting individual intention & exploring movement to enliven and nourish the body.  The last 15 minutes are devoted to softening through more restful poses, relaxation and meditation.

Private Meditation Sessions

Please contact me directly to schedule private sessions using the form below.  I am happy to tailor and design sessions that fit what you are looking for.  We can explore any combination of gentle asana, meditation, pranayama and the wisdoms that support each on and off your mat.

iRest® Yoga Nidra

I also offer private iRest yoga nidra sessions.  iRest is a guided practice of meditation and relaxation that can uncover a transformative sense of well-being, wholeness and ease in life.  For more information on this practice, you can visit iRest‘s website and/or contact me directly.