Weekly Classes

My intention for these offerings is to create a space that feels safe and empowering.  I place choice in the body and heart of the student, as I weave together both an educational and experiential practice. Ultimately, I hope this supports practitioners to be in relationship with life, and attuned to the wisdom that they hold.

All in studio public classes are currently on hold.

I am offering LIVE Zoom yoga nidra classes through Studio Satya. You can use your class pass or offer a donation. Your offering will support the studio through this difficult time. You can find more information on this page: https://studiosatya.com/yoga/#classschedule

Friday at Noon, Yoga Nidra, Studio Satya

Monday at 8pm, Yoga Nidra for Sleep and Restoration, Studio Satya

I am also sharing twice weekly iRest® Yoga Nidra recordings on the guided meditations page.

May you be well, feel supported, safe and at ease.

Regular Class Schedule – on hold

Dharma Yoga

Gentle Hatha
Wednesday at 9:30am

All Levels
Thursday at noon

Studio Mantra

Yin Yoga
Tuesday at 10:45am

Studio Satya

Yoga Nidra
Monday, Wednesday at noon

Monday at 10:30am

First Friday’s Monthly Yoga Nidra at 7:30pm

Sanctuary Yoga

Yoga Nidra
Tuesday at 1:30pm

Private Meditation & iRest® Yoga Nidra Sessions

I offer private meditation (iRest yoga nidra) sessions.  iRest is a trauma informed, guided practice of meditation, self inquiry and relaxation that can uncover a transformative sense of well-being, wholeness and ease in life. There are many ways to explore one on one.  I take time to understand what is bringing you to private sessions.  This allows me to tailor practice that will meet you where you are.  We can also work together in the form of a co-meditation dyad, where I sit with you as you meet and bring words to your experience. I may offer gentle guidance to support you in meeting the moment as it is.  During a dyad, I am with the you without agenda and as a sacred mirror to your experience.

For more information on one on one sessions or on iRest, you can visit iRest‘s website and/or contact me directly.