Community Affirmations

The practice of yoga nidra, iRest, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.  Sheila leads me to a place that is always within me, available, and infinite in its spaciousness.  There I feel expansive rather than contracted, whole rather than damaged or fractured, safe rather than anxious and uneasy. I feel my soul, and love, and a fullness and transcendence that defies explanation.

In that silent place beyond thinking, there is another existence that is completely in the now. 

Sheila is the most skillful and beautiful teacher I have ever encountered:  a fearless embracer of our humanity; an endless source of love and understanding.  Her gentleness, the kindness and care with which she speaks, and her wisdom are so soothing and exquisite.  Absolutely one of the best parts of my life. 

Lynn Mckee

The journey toward what we describe as enlightenment is a beautiful, circuitous, nonlinear path.
Asanas, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, inquiry, and integration are all tools we learn and
practice to become present in the now. We are never quite there, but after a time we may notice
a more tranquil existence. Others may take note of it as well. The ability to be present in what
Frankel calls “that space between stimulus and response” allows us to respond thoughtfully
rather than to react hastily, often to our own detriment and of those around us.

Sheila Singh provides a soft landing pad in a safe space for willing seekers to inquire, reflect,
and gently see what arises. From this awareness and by practicing the tools learned, we become a
different version of ourselves, more able to focus, monitor our inner landscape, and extend a
loving hand to those we meet in the course of our days while keeping our own selves grounded.
Even when we may make poor choices or are in stressful situations we can use these tools to
observe, feel the feels, let it move through, and make decisions that will lead to more healthy
outcomes for all concerned.

Sheila’s gentle guidance, bolstered by a Community of seekers which she lovingly fosters, is a
wonderful space to continue the journey.

Bud conlin

Sheila Singh is a beautifully poetic trauma-sensitive yoga nidra facilitator who always knows how to softly unveil a felt-sense of grounded presence, security, acceptance, and release inside me. As I experienced a heartbreaking resurgence of race-based stress injuries earlier this year, I was highly fortunate to discover refuge with Sheila and her practice community. The burdens always feel a little lighter as she holds space for everyone to be felt, seen, and heard, and then echoes back a responsive yoga nidra in return.

Kimberley Luu, BSc(Kin), MSc