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Curiosity and Care

How you care for the least of things is how you care for the greatest of things.


There is simplicity and a depth to the above words. It brings to a level playing field the things that appear to be small or unimportant, with those things that appear to be bigger and significant. How I meet the person checking me out in the grocery aisle might plant seeds for how I meet my daughter at school pick-up. The way in which I drink my morning coffee or tea might influence how I show up to meditation class later in the day. The scenarios are endless, but the essential inquiry remains. Am I rushing past moments? Am I always preparing and planning for something in the future? Am I disregarding things or people now, thinking they are not relevant or important? Am I constantly quick to judge and react, or is there space for me to include and attend? It is not about perfection in what we do, nor is it about attending to everything in our field, all the time. That would be exhausting and depleting. Instead it is about the care and attention we offer to the things that come along our way, as we feel available and replenished to do so.

In a meditation practice, we often take time to attend to the simple and the ordinary; a gentle curiosity towards sounds, sight, scent, taste and touch. Slowly we rest and open with the same interest to the field of our body, sensations, breath and vibrations. These are the more simple aspects of our experience, because often they are covered over by the mind’s interpretations, likes, dislikes, and stories. This curiosity has an open, soft quality to it. It does not assume, but instead feels and listens. It is alert, though not directive.

The more we open to the simple things with care and attention, the more likely we will open to the moments that are more complex and beyond the ordinary in the same way. Beyond the sensations and breath, there is the potential that I might meet the many emotions, such as joy and melancholy, peace and agitation, with curiosity. I might meet the homeless person as I meet my neighbor. I might meet the agreeable person as I meet the one who is disagreeable. And when I am not able, I might meet the emotion or edginess arising in me with care and interest. In this way, everything in life is connected. Indeed, the way I care for the least of things is the way I care for the greatest of things. In truth no one moment or thing is more important than the other. This is not something the mind can grasp because the mind by nature divides. This truth is known through the heart, and my heartfelt wish is that I may remember the significance, connectedness and divine essence across the many people and things that come upon my path.


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  1. Herb #

    Great reminder in how to approach the day:)

    February 2, 2019

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