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New Guided Meditation

Hi Everyone,

I am sharing a new guided meditation.  It is from a live class I offered on Mind Oasis yesterday.  This recording has a few minutes of orientation to the practice of iRest yoga nidra.  The guided practice begins at about 4:43 and is about fifteen minutes long.  You will be guided from opening the senses, to feeling body sensations and the breath.  Throughout practice you will be invited to explore into the feeling of Being as it might be opening up for you.

If you are curious about Mind Oasis, it is an online platform for practicing meditation LIVE, from anywhere you are with community.  While the practice of meditation has been transformative for me, the community I have come to know along the way has been a vital support as well.  Here you get both, live guidance and community.  This is an incredible resource especially for those that either don’t have classes or teachers in their towns, or who cannot get to classes during the times they are offered.

In Peace,



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  1. Hi Sheila- btw- we talked about where to purchase singing bowls in Austin…. if anyone else asks you… the “10,000 Villages” on Lamar carries some (made in Tibet I believe)- very sweet tones… and that boutique is such a fun place to shop- beautiful, unique items. I saw that you had a great turn out for your MO8 class.. sorry I missed it, but hope you’ll guest teach there again soon. Safe travels- and you’ll probably get to see some fall color scenery in Connecticut- where my husband was raised. 🍁 See you next week! Cyndi


    October 25, 2018
    • Thank you Cyndi, yes I hope to offer on MO again. And we did see some beautiful fall colors 🙂 see you this week!

      October 29, 2018

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