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Retreating and Remembering

I am returning home from leading a weeklong retreat in Tulum, Mexico, and I am filled with gratitude, joy, compassion and inspiration.  I am not even sure I have all the words to describe the experience.  We had a diverse age group, ranging from the 30’s to approaching 70.  There were a few folks who knew one other participant, and most who didn’t know anyone. They traveled from as far as Paris, France to embark on an adventure within themselves.  I was inspired by the courage that it must have taken to show up in this way.

I am so grateful for my teaching partner, Karlie Lemos, with whom I had not before taught.  Serendipity led me to her, and intuition led much of what and how we shared throughout the week.  Together we held a space of no agenda and non-judgement.  We offered practices daily, but none of it was imposed or required.  We asked that each individual honored what would serve them most.  There were generous spaces between offerings for time alone, connecting with others, frolicking in the water and the sand, and connecting with nature.  There was song and dance, tears and joy, quiet and conversation.

I had the great honor of witnessing the unfolding of this beautiful circle of human beings over the course of the week.  As I sat this morning back home in Austin, I was filled with emotion, my body almost too small to contain it.

This week I remembered that we all have stories, and that what we see on the surface conveys so little of the depths within.  I remembered that we all want to belong.  We want to feel seen, heard and held, just as we are.  And beneath the stories and the heartaches, there is something radiant, beautiful and limitless.  It has always been there.  It is ancient as the stars.  Only we need safe spaces, unstructured time and community to remember.  I hope that this week served in this way, a time for meeting our humanity and for planting the seeds of remembering our True, whole and unbroken nature.  As we transition back into this dance of life, as much as we will forget and stray, I trust that we will remember and return home.  Often.

We are all just walking each other Home.  Ram Dass

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  1. Such beautiful writing Sheila. At first I felt like I really missed out on a unique opportunity. Then when I sit with your words I can feel the warmth and space they create inside. Thank you for sharing with us!

    March 25, 2018
    • Thank you for reading Tanner. Sharing comes without willing it, and Karlie and I quite likely will offer this again. My heart so wants to create these kind of spaces. I look forward to connecting soon!

      March 25, 2018
  2. Herb #

    That is such a great quote by Ram Das!

    March 31, 2018

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