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New Guided Meditation: Body, Breath and Being, iRest® Yoga Nidra

I have uploaded a new guided iRest® yoga nidra meditation to the guided meditations page.

This sixteen minute practice invites you to welcome your experience as it is, moment to moment. You will journey through the body and the breath, while taking moments to open to the ease of Being as it is revealed. Toward the end, you will be guided to feel both the ground of Being and the play of life and sensation, recognizing how both are true and here in this moment. In closing, you will be invited to listen for intention, and if available, envisioning it into your day.

Find a comfortable place to practice.  I invite you to lie down if you would like, perhaps place a cushion beneath your head and the backs of your knees. If you prefer, you can also practice seated in a chair or on the floor.  Your body temperature can drop, so you might choose to place a rug across your body.  Many receive deep, restorative rest or sleep through this practice, and this can be very healing.  It is common to experience this for some time while you restore your body and mind.  Once more replenished, you will begin to feel alert and awake, and open to the aspects of self-inquiry that this style of practice offers.

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  1. Joe #

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation.

    February 4, 2018

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