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Steady and True

This morning I sat for meditation and chose to listen to one of Tara Brach’s recordings.  She skillfully guided me from sounds, sensations, breath and thoughts, gently into the deepening and still field of silence and awareness.  While the initial period of practice brought forward an intimacy with all that was changing and vibrant, the latter period brought forward the luminosity of awareness and an exquisite stillness.  It was such a gift to be led and oriented in this way.

Many come to meditation to feel calm and grounded in the midst of life.  While there are many portals to this along the path of meditation, the experience of awareness is perhaps the True Ground of Being.  In fact, it is our True nature.  By true, I mean one that is unchanging, steady and without agenda. We can always count on it being there. We just need to be oriented to it.

In life our attention can be called in so many directions. There are things we want to do and want to change, and then there are all those things we wish we had done differently. Life can begin to feel frenzied. Sometimes we no longer remember why we are doing what we are doing. While this is a part of life, it takes (with some practice) just a moment to turn our attention to Awareness itself.  At first it can feel so subtle that we might not recognize it, yet the more we turn to it, it’s steady luminosity and stillness cannot go unnoticed.  It becomes known, not only as something around us, but as something that has always been within.  It is our True Ground, a calm field that opens us to wisdom and discernment, because here we are not pulled by the many things in life. We are simply aware, seeing clearly with fresh eyes and an open heart.


You might explore this yourself.  Take any physical object that you can rest your eyes upon.  Gently place your attention on the object for some moments.  Take in it’s shape, color and texture. Allow the thoughts or labels to come and go.

Then take a moment to notice your capacity to Be Aware of this object. There is something in you that allows you to see and know this object. Gently place your attention on the feeling of Being Aware.  You might even place your attention on the feeling of Being Awareness.

What words describe this experience?  Does it feel steady or still?  Is there a feeling of spacious ease? Is there a sense of unchanging presence that meets the moment as it is? Perhaps your words are different. Sometimes there are no words. It is a wordless experience.


Through meditation we come to know the tender and changing nature of our humanity. We also come to know and experience the depth and steadiness of our True Nature as Awareness.  As teacher Richard Miller says, “We are in fact True Nature having the experience of being human, and we are human beings having the experience of being True Nature”.

I bow to the many teachers that have shown me the way home to my truth. 

If you would like to take a listen, here is the link to the guided meditation I listened to this morning.

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  1. Herb #

    I use Tara brach when I need 5-10 minutes of respite too!

    December 1, 2017
  2. Thank you, Shelia, for this beautiful post and reminder of being awareness!

    December 3, 2017

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