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Skyward and Earthbound

I have never known anyone who felt self important in the morning after spending a night on an Idaho mountainside under a star studded summer sky.  Frank Church

These words sum up time away in Idaho with my family. Throughout the week, amidst the mountains, beside the glacial lakes and flowing rivers, I am continually reminded of being a part of something larger. I soak up the moments of self-preoccupations fading into the background as the mystery and aliveness of the universe flood forward.  Wonder, awe and humility are welcome visitors.  In daily life, it is easy and human to get snagged by our stories, our plans and agendas, history and anticipation.  The stories are not the problem, it is our fixation (for some even addiction) to them that creates a heaviness in life.

Amidst nature, for a time life falls into place and perspective.  The self takes up a little less mental bandwidth, making room for the many things that otherwise go unnoticed, unseen and unheard.

I return home with my self in tact.  In fact, we need it to function in the world, but today it feels lighter and more porous, available and open to life.  I am thankful for the time to be away and to be humbled, at the same time uplifted by the earth and the sky in all of its grandeur and brought back down, grounded and at home.


The Sawtooth Mountains


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