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Weekly Practice Tip: Sensations, A Portal into our Creative Potential

Our self image and ideas about experience that are fueled by the mind alone can tend to be narrow, often negative and recursive. This is a part of our shared human experience. However, we are more than our mind. There is also something more essential in our Being that is free of the dialogues of good and bad, enough and not enough. This open essence is also a portal into our creativity, potential and wisdom.

A simple practice that you can weave into your day often is to feel the sensations in your body, perhaps in your palms, across your heart or belly. Feel the aliveness of your direct experience, right now, that is resting beneath the layers of dialogue and concepts.

We cannot feel our sensory experience and think at the same time. This simple practice can slowly uncover a glimpse of space in your day, an innate spaciousness that has room for something fresh, something new.

If this resonates, give it a try for a week and explore how it lands in your own experience.


Sheila Singh



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  1. Manju Jhawar #

    Love the post n your ability to explain so clearly n nicely.

    May 6, 2017

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