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Guided Meditation: Simply Being

Today I am sharing a short guide meditation. This practice begins with a brief orientation followed by a 10 minute practice.


Simply being is a sweet respite from the constant state of doing, planning and managing life. If we are not accustomed to this, initially we may feel uncomfortable and perhaps even more restless. With time, however, it may bring forward the felt sense of calm, as well a more sincere recognition of the state of our being.  Slowly, as the flurry of doing and agendas grow quiet, we begin, once again, to listen to our hearts and what is truly seeking expression in life.

Please feel free to use and share.  You are invited to practice in any posture where your body can be at ease: upright, reclining or in a chair. I trust that your practice will unfold exactly as it needs. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them here if you would like.


Sheila Singh

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