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Guided Meditation: Awakening Spaciousness

Today I am sharing a 23 minute guided meditation with you.  I would like to share my intention for your practice, but at the same time I hope you will remember and trust that your experience will be perfect exactly as it is.


My intention in this guided practice is for you to orient to the space around your experience, the space that carries sounds, sensations, breath, emotions and dialogues.  In our day or in practice, we often recognize the contents that are arising and this is an important aspect of meditation.  However, we can also gently orient to the spaciousness that is always abiding, carrying the whole of our human experience.  This spaciousness can be described and experienced in varying degrees.  For some, there can be the essence of calm, ease and clarity.  Others may feel a sense of Being at home or a sense of freedom and openness.  Becoming intimate with our inner life as well as with our spacious essence are important pieces of a meditation practice.  The two combined offer a pathway to our deep inner knowing and wisdom.

When you practice, please choose a posture that allows you to be comfortable in your body.  This could be reclining, sitting upright on the floor or in a chair.  The foundation of practice is in welcoming experience as it is, the best that we can.  Practice is not a place to fix, change or analyze. Likely we may feel these energies arise and again we can remember to welcome and simply Be.


Sheila Singh

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