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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Today I am sharing a guided yoga nidra meditation that I recently offered in a workshop.  This style of practice is a beautiful combination of guided relaxation and self inquiry.  It turns out that relaxation is an important support to seeing ourselves and the world we live in with deepening clarity, compassion and skill.  Relaxation also enables our deeper knowing and intuitive wisdom to come forward with time. 


If you choose to listen, I recommend finding a place that is relatively quiet.  Find a position that puts you at ease.  You do not have to sit upright, and often I recommend lying on your back with supports beneath your knees and a blanket across your body.  An eye pillow can be another way to support you into a relaxed state.  If you emerge from practice feeling that you experienced deep rest or even sleep, that is wonderful.  Rest is truly underrated.  Periods of conscious rest in this way allow us to fall away from set patterns and conditioning.  Pay attention to how you feel the rest of your day.  It is possible you emerge with a fresh sense of perspective in a situation or a relationship.  Perhaps, you meet yourself in a new and unanticipated way.







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