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What has life been asking of you?

It is an interesting exercise to ask people to feel into their heart’s longing.  We may begin feeling, but often, too quickly, we begin to formulate our ideas and beliefs.  Feeling is a more ambiguous place to stay. I have found personally that the ideas and ideals we grasp onto often mimic the already assumed beliefs and expectations of what we think we should be doing, how we should be and what life should look like.  While our ideas may align with our heartfelt path, at times it diverges from it.  The good news is that we all come into this existence with an inner compass that is informing us whether we are in or out of harmony with life. However, when the voice of the world and the ego is strong and loud, it takes practice to listen to the quieter whispers of the Heart.

Listening to this that is more quiet and often ambiguous is not easy.  It requires courage and faith. Among the many things I continue to learn on my path, one is that life asks us to rest with many moments of not knowing than otherwise.  This can feel threatening to the ego that needs to figure things out. We can feel “out of control” because in those moments we are not in control.  Life is.  Grace is.  Rather than struggling to create the life we think we should have, we faithfully surrender to the life that is waiting for us.  This can unleash a powerful feeling of freedom and harmony.  Yes, this sounds like a complete paradox and it is.

So, are you willing to surrender your own will to the greater Will and longing of your Heart.  Perhaps instead of what do I want from life, consider what has life been asking of me? In a rational, thinking oriented and productivity based world, it is hard and often scary to listen to our hearts.  Yet when we don’t, life may feel more mechanical, less alive.  Which is harder in the end?

I’ll leave you with words of wisdom from Joseph Campbell.


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  1. Lisa Moore #

    Sheila! I’ve benefited so much from your teaching this week. One cool thing is that for a few days after we talked about “silence co-arising” and “deep listening,” in other yoga classes and while meditating, I would feel a distinct pull in my ears. Is there such a thing as an ear chakra, I wondered? because it felt a lot like my experience of the sixth chakra in the middle of my head. Finally one day I googled it and yes, Virginia, there are ear chakras! Thank you for helping me open mine up.

    January 5, 2017
    • Thank you for sharing that Lisa, how lovely! I am grateful for you.

      January 5, 2017
  2. Herb #

    This post spoke to my heart 🙂

    January 7, 2017

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