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iRest Yoga Nidra series beginning in the New Year

I will be offering a new five week iRest meditation series this January at Yoga Yoga westgate.  This series will provide a space to slow down, pause and feel into our current state so that we can come to know our heartfelt direction and path in life.  I find that the new year can be a time where we rush to set goals and intentions.  In the rush, we may only be affirming the already established patterns of what we think we should be doing or the expectations we have taken on from the world around us.  True intentionality arises from unconditioned listening, where we allow time to fall away from set patterns and habits. This enables us to know how we are and the direction we are being called toward in a spontaneous and creative way.

The following passage by Jean Klein, a non-dual meditation teacher, describes the situation many of us may find ourselves in.

Unconditioned listening is entirely free from direction, motivation and projection. But we seldom really listen.  We live more or less continually in the process of becoming. We project an image of being somebody and identify with this.  There is a continual hunger, a feeling of incompleteness.  The ego is constantly searching for fulfillment and security, hence its perpetual need to become, to achieve, to attain.  So we never really contact life, for this requires openness from moment to moment.  

He goes on to say that our true path and direction arises from receptive observation.  While the mind can help us to tread forward on our path, to know the path at all requires us to listen unconditionally first.

In this series, each class we will take time for a guided iRest meditation followed by writing prompts as a way to further explore our current state, intentions that will nourish our being, and the path and direction that life is asking of us. I will provide the weekly audio of the guided meditations for your home practice.

If this resonates, you can register by following this link:

I look forward to sharing this time with you.


Sheila Singh


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