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A Month of Gratitude

We are naturally wired for a negativity bias. In fact, this has likely been essential to our survival. It is important to recognize what has been difficult or has felt unsafe, so that perhaps we can learn how to navigate similar circumstances more skillfully in the future.  While this is true, our loves and joys are equally contagious and important to embrace so that we feel balanced in life.  Living life only through a negative lens conditions us for fear and anxiety, while living life only acknowledging the positive leaves us less resilient to the challenges we face.  It is important to be able to hold all the dualities of our path.  Perhaps, we can meet difficulty while remaining available to joy in the smallest of ways.  We can fully experience joy and love, while allowing ourselves to be touched by sadness and difficulty.
This month I hope to offer space in classes to remember Gratitude and the heart qualities while we continue to meet the realities of life. ❤

To see where and when I offer public classes, please refer to my schedule.




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