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Sincerity, Truth & Love.

When we find ourselves along the path of meditation and self-inquiry, we may discover that the journey is a bit contrary to perceptions.  Yes, I come to experience joy, gratitude and a sweet tranquility of Being.  Simultaneously, there is a deepening sincerity with which I am meeting myself.  I no longer meet joy by omission of what is hurting, or gratitude by omission of what feels empty.  I slowly begin to wake up to all moments.  I wake up to see myself in the push and pull of reactivity and judgement.  I wake up to feeling a slight heaviness that becomes a lingering sadness, even grief.  I wake up to both comfort and discomfort, pain and pleasure, gain and loss.  This may be the surprising piece for many.  I have begun the journey of meeting the whole of my humanness and this life.  Hiding from life or myself not only feels unappealing, it is simply exhausting.  And even when I do try to hide, I eventually see this with a clear honesty as well.

Meeting ourselves with this kind of sincerity gradually widens the embrace of the heart to the Heart that can include all the vicissitudes of life.  We see and love ourselves into our Wholeness.  More so, we find that this essence that is Whole and at Ease has been here all along, with the ups and downs of the human heart and mind.  In fact, this subtle, yet palpable essence is what enables us to continue to meet life with an ever deepening and loving truthfulness.  

I bow to all the ways in which life shows up and all the ways in which I come to know myself more fully.

All you need is already within, only you must approach yourself with love and reverence.

 Nisargadatta Maharaj

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  1. Wonderful post. Life is continually filled with varying degrees of joy and suffering. Opening up to the whole of experience has led to a more fulfilling experience in my experience.

    October 28, 2016
    • Yes, agreed. It is nice to keep things real, meditation included!

      October 29, 2016

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