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I have been sitting with the idea of freedom.  What does it mean to be free?  Does it mean free of our humanness?  Does it mean some completely blissful state?

Freedom feels true when it allows us to be exactly as we are, with all of our humanness, our confusion and clarity, our generosity and jealousy, our worthiness and shame.  It is freedom to feel what is awake and what is asleep and to let it be as it is.  By letting it be, we also have space to meet more fully what is as it is.  There is a fearless sincerity in this.

The counterpart to this is that true freedom is also the freedom for everyone to be as they are, no matter how clear or deluded, how stuck or free, how connected or disconnected.  This means that everyone is free to agree with how I feel or to disagree, to see the world in the way it lands for me or to experience it completely differently.  This requires courage.

All the ways in which this freedom is not available to all, are also all the ways in which we are contracted or desiring something or someone to be other than as it is.  This is the situation most of us find ourselves in.  There can be freedom in seeing this too.  The idea can feel a bit paradoxical and circular, but I find the closer we get to truth, the more paradoxes we are navigating.

This kind of unconventional freedom can be mistaken for surrendering to ourselves and the world as it is.  Instead, I find that when we are free to meet everything as it is, slowly we also come to feel moments of clarity, compassion and purpose in life that feel in harmony.  We move forward with a sense of purposeful action, and it’s ok for some to disagree with our path and others to agree.  What is important is that I know it to be true for me.

Noam Chomsky said, “If we don’t believe in the freedom of expression for the people whom we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”.

In what ways are you not free to be as you are?  How are you hiding from yourself?  

In what ways are you waiting for others or a circumstance to be a certain way, rather than the way that it already is?  What happens when you sit with yourself as you are and with others as they are? 

What happens when we communicate to share our truth more than to convince others of what we feel is true?



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