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The Guest House

It is interesting how when we take time to slow down or to remove some of the unnecessary busyness of life, we begin to notice what otherwise has been pushed to the background.  As Rumi would describe, this busyness can keep the doors of the guest house closed.  Sometimes our avoidance is unintentional, other times we are choosing to turn away, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves.  Nonetheless, underlying feelings and beliefs catch up with us in one way or another.  They come knocking at our door in various ways, at times quiet, other times thunderous.  I love how one of my teachers describes that “every messenger wants to come home to our wholeness, to be seen, heard and feel a sense of belonging”.  Every messenger is orienting us to whether we are in harmony or not.  Described in this way, the visitors or messengers feel less intimidating.  Each visitor has an intelligent message, even if unappealing on the surface.  For example, what seems like insignificant irritation could be pointing me to something deeper that is not at rest on the inside.  It could be letting me know that certain expectations are not aligned with the reality of things or it could be pointing me to something else altogether, a vulnerability, a quiet loneliness.  The messages could be varied, and we only come to know them if we take time to listen.  Hearing the knock at the door is the first profound and brave step.  In my experience, we might have to hear the knock many times before we truly acknowledge its arrival and then we may finally choose to open the door to let the visitor in for some time.  This step alone can bring with it a feeling of relief in no longer turning away, even if discomfort is arising simultaneously.  Once the doors are open, there are many ways to listen and to engage with what is showing up, but perhaps that is for another post.

When you slow down, are there visitors that begin to show up at the doors of your guesthouse?  

Do they feel familiar or new?  

Is there a desire to wish them away or are you okay to allow them space for a while?



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