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Lost and Found

Most thursdays my husband takes the girls to school and today I had the luxury of taking a little time for self-care.  I went out to Town Lake for a run/walk.  It was beautiful and helped to slow things down.  As I finished, feeling refreshed and restored, I noticed it was only 9:30 am.  I had the rest of the morning ahead of me.  

Self-care. Check.  Outdoors.  Check.  Smell the jasmine.  Check.  

Very pleased with both the walk and the feeling of the time I now had to devote to work, I began heading home.  On the way, I made a quick stop at the grocery store for some fruit.  A few fruits turned into fruits plus some additional items, but eventually I made it to the check out.  As I waited, I began fumbling for my car keys.  Truly at times my purse seems like a deep, dark abyss.  I couldn’t feel my keys, but I was sure they were there.  I finished paying, put everything down and looked again.  And again.  And again.  No keys.  

I must have left them in one of the aisles while I was grabbing items.  Still feeling relaxed, I slowly began to meander back through each aisle I had visited.  Though with every passing aisle and no keys to be found, the pace of my meander seemed to become slightly more vigorous and less of a meander.  I walked back to the check out and asked if the cashier had seen my keys.  He had not.  My wonderfully spacious morning of work was beginning to slip by me quickly.  It is funny how time can slow down and how time can also speed up, especially when we begin to feel a little stressed.  I went to customer service to explain that I had misplaced my keys and was hoping someone had found them.  Nope, no one had found any keys.  So I walked back through the aisles and to my car and back through the aisles, again.  I even checked the cart I had used to get my groceries.  No keys.

At this point, I started maneuvering for a backup plan.  My phone was also in my car so I returned to customer service to see if I could call my husband, though knowing he was likely not going to be available.  I began feeling the irony of such a sweet, slow morning and anticipation of enjoying a few quiet hours of work, to now feeling slightly frenzied with a bag of blueberries, toothbrushes and sponges to show for it.  I could see self criticism wanting to surface for having misplaced my keys, as well as frustration for wasting over an hour of my morning unsuccessfully searching for them.  Just as the criticism and frustration were building, eagerly calling me away from the peace of the morning, I began to laugh.  Out loud.  As laughter turned to giggles, I sighed audibly and also accepted that perhaps instead of working, I would be walking home and sitting outside until I was able to get in touch with Herb.  At least I had some blueberries to eat.  The sponges, toothbrushes and vinegar were not going to come in very handy.  And it was beautiful outside.  Not a bad day to sit on the front lawn, even if not by choice.  

As this realization set in, I decided to look through my purse one last time. Oh, a secretly tucked away zipper I had not previously checked, and, almost like magic, there were my keys.  Just as I was ready to surrender my day to sitting on my front lawn eating blueberries, the day returned to me as anticipated, minus an hour and half of scavenging for keys, that had been there all along.

I am sure there are subtle lessons mixed in here, but today I am thankful for blueberries and laughter.

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  1. Manju #

    Very funny Sheils ! I do that too time to time !!!!!
    I was laughing while reading your post 🙂
    Glad you found them, otherwise you could have called me too!
    I have your keys too:)
    Have a great day:)
    Love Mom

    May 5, 2016
    • Glad you got a giggle in & yes I tried calling both you and Herb, but in the end what I was searching for was always there 😉

      May 5, 2016

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