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Slowly savoring.

Sitting on the edge of my hotel bed, slowly combing through Sonia’s hair, I couldn’t help but smile.  Although fleeting, it was a sweet moment.  It is not as often that my girls ask for me to comb their hair, nor do they usually sit patiently as I comb it.  Oddly or not so oddly, this was a moment that caught my attention as our family vacation draws to an end.

We have had the fortune of spending two weeks road tripping through New Mexico, exploring, hiking, playing, even fighting our way through the extensive land and rich history it has to offer.  The trip encompassed magnificent vistas, awe inspiring history, yet simple moments like this make me stop and smile.  Part of the sweetness of travel and breaking out of routine is not only in seeing new and beautiful things, but also in seeing and feeling the beauty of the most simple and ordinary things, once again.

Today I was gifted the joy of my daughter sitting for me to comb her hair, and almost as if for the first time, I slowly savored it.




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  1. Awesome blog post Sheils ! Liked the post the way writer has expressed her view:)

    April 7, 2016

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