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Small Steps. Daily.

I woke up this morning with a joyful anticipation as I am about to take two weeks off of work and life routine.  Feeling grateful for the time off, I sat to meditate.  Some routines I will keep, even as I break from others.

Sipping on my coffee after meditation, I thought about what I wanted to share in my last classes today.  Perhaps something practical, simple and accessible.  After all these years, what keeps me coming back to my cushion?

Meditation does not change life circumstances, at least not immediately.  However, with consistent pause and practice, meditation shifts the way I see things and how I relate to them.  And our perspectives have the potential to transform our life experience.  It really is that simple and sublime.

We don’t become perfectly calm people, but we see how we are more often than not.  Difficulty will likely still feel difficult, but there may be the space to know it will pass.  Joy will continue to remain joyful, but we may feel less attached.  And the ordinary can come alive in a way that it never has before.  When the sense of who I am and how I am softens, I begin to feel an openness to life, a greater connectedness and a sense of that which is bigger than anything I might intellectually know or see.  These moments don’t come and stay.  They come and go, as they should.  Yet, even a glimpse is enough to create profound shift.

Perhaps consider what keeps you feeling fresh and open in your life, and can you include it in your day, even if only for a few minutes?



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  1. Babita Sarda #

    Very nicely said!
    Your blogs are so motivating Sheila!
    Keep up the good work…

    March 25, 2016
    • Thank you so much Masi, that means a lot to me! Sending Love

      March 25, 2016

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