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Healing Rain

In so many ways, norms seem to tell us that crying is not acceptable.  Crying is a sign of weakness, of failure, of not being enough.  We live in a “keep it together” culture that for no fault of its own can’t stomach other people’s vulnerabilities because we cannot stomach our own.

Crying, like rain, nourishes our earth body.  It allows us to shed layers that we don’t necessarily understand rationally and neither do we need to.  Crying is primitive in my experience, especially the kind that emerges from the places where words don’t exist.  It is a way of survival, of caring and feeling.  It can allow space for new things to pass through, new perspectives, understanding and growth.  While in process, it may feel like more confusion and uncertainty, but if we keep allowing and feeling there can be room for clarity, the light at the end of tunnel.  Sometimes those tunnels span this life or maybe even lifetimes.

What I know is that crying is difficult and deeply vulnerable, at the same it can be so healing.  Something can unexpectedly feel lighter.  As dismal as it sounds, I wish we all had a circle for crying together.  Better than hiding it and crying quietly in the corner of our homes.  Maybe we share our humanness.  Maybe we heal through that shared humanness.


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  1. Lynn #

    SO beautiful. Solid landing with “strong for too long” and “unexpectedly feel lighter”. Thank you for sharing, Sheila. By sharing your humanness, you form that circle, not hiding. Healing. Big love.

    March 10, 2016
  2. Herb #

    Well said and love the pics too.

    March 10, 2016

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