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It was only a matter of time till I considered deactivating my facebook account.  No, I didn’t delete it, but I am going to take a temporary hiatus from it.  Yes, it’s a nice way to keep in touch with friends at a distance, even local ones I don’t see that often.  It has also been a useful way for me to share what I offer in the community.  Is it necessary? No.  Useful? Yes.

I am pretty sure I managed all these things before the world of social media arose.  Though it’s funny I can’t even remember how.  When I think back to college days and no cell phones, I cannot remember how ten to fifteen of us managed to get anything coordinated or hang out for an evening.  Yet we did.

I am curious what will fill the space with facebook out of the way.  Maybe I will turn to real time, real life connections a little more, with both people and nature.  Technology is great and I don’t mean to undervalue it, but it is missing the human element.  It is missing the opportunity to hear someone’s voice, to look into someone’s eyes, to feel one’s energy.  Yes, these are things I enjoy.  Technology when not adopted in balance leaves me feeling numb more than anything.

This past summer I made a sincere effort to text less and simply call friends more.  I am not much of a phone person, but if I have something significant to say, I’d rather see someone or make the phone call.  Having conversations over text began to feel ineffective and simply not real.  I found the experiment turned into something that I prefer so it has stuck.  I am curious to see how this next exploration goes.

I am slowly and slowly feeling a bit antiquated, but, nonetheless, looking forward to being deactivated. 🙂

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