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Rise and Shine

I have been meditating for quite some time now. Rather than being something I have to force, it is mostly a part of my routine. Some days I may skip, others I may shorten the practice, but that is more rare than frequent. The desire to want to sit with myself and wake up has been lit, and once lit, it is very hard to dim. Like others, I go through periods in life where things are well, things are not so well, relationships are mostly smooth, sometimes not so smooth. But amidst the well, not well, smooth, not smooth, the wish to meet life as it is remains. There is a quote by Carl Jung I have been coming back to a lot recently, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. This is so true. What we resist or ignore will in some way persist or control us. What we can bring our hearts to accept and acknowledge will eventually free us.

Waking up is not easy business. It requires a lot of soul searching, heart diving, sitting, staying, steeping like a tea bag in hot water at times. The beauty of it is that the more I stay and accept the moment for what it is, something shifts. No matter how messy or dark it might feel, my sense of self and life enlarges to hold it. In that space of feeling bigger, yet humbled, a lightness emerges. It permeates the self inside and out. It’s been there this whole time even though it can feel like the very first encounter. Meditation becomes both a mystical and a practical experience. It grounds me in the here and now as much as it opens me to the unknown.

When the Buddha was asked, “Are you a God? Are you a man?”, he simply said, “I am awake”. So here is to waking up as often as I can remember, as often as I don’t want to and as many times as I forget. It’s all pointing me back home to my essence and source.

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