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No Time to Rush

Last night I was putting my girls to bed, feeling very tired myself.  I almost wanted to rush through our bedtime routine, but then I paused and looked at their sweet faces, almost feeling a sense of time passing by more quickly than I wanted.  This may sound morbid to some, but often when I slow down, I imagine what life would be like if everything I cherished in this moment was lost.  If perhaps this was the last night I had to tuck my girls in or to give my husband, Herb, a hug.  Perspective shifts almost immediately.  The tiredness, the frustrations, aggravations seem to dissolve.  They don’t hold as much importance as taking time to love, to be present.  It reminds me that this life is precious.  These relationships that I am so fortunate to have are deserving of my attention.  A sacredness begins to emerge, almost as if out of the speed and the frenzy.  Often I hear people saying, “I don’t have time to pause”.  At times I also believe this to be true.  However, is this a belief I really want to hold?  Is there really no time to pause or is it quite the contrary?  Perhaps there is “no time to rush”.  Life is precious, even in the moments that feel difficult.  As Tara Brach often says, “it’s all coming and going” and for the most part I don’t have control of the timeline, I can only remember to make space for it and take time to inhabit the space often.

“No time to rush”.  This will be my mantra for the week.  As much as I may plan at times, there is no telling what tomorrow may bring.  In this moment though… I can choose to live more fully, because in the wise words of Mary Oliver, “I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world”.

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