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Dinner Time Yoga

Don’t let the title of this post confuse you.  Most people don’t equate yoga with dinner.  I am not talking about the yoga of asana while consuming and digesting food.  Rather I am talking about the yoga of pausing and coming into relationship with yourself and others.  It’s not a big secret that the pace of life is busy and getting busier.  The inundation of information is immense and becoming even more so.  Not only are we busy, but those with children are often juggling various activities as well.

Some days it’s easy to be swept away by this speediness if I don’t consciously choose to alter the pace.  A busy day can continue onto dinner that happens on the go and in a rush, only to get to the next thing, which often includes cleaning up, bedtime routines, closing my own personal loose ends.  This usually leaves me arriving to bed with a restlessness that carries into the night and forward into the next day.  It leaves my family feeling much the same and less than connected.

Instead, the days where we take time to sit together to eat, perhaps even pause to share thanks, take time to share stories from our day…  These are the days where the pace magically slows down.  These are the moments of coming back into relationship.  The sweet evenings where I don’t anxiously glance at the watch to keep schedule, where I am drawn, not by the speediness of life, but by the richness of our shared stories and experiences, I find myself replenished and nourished.  I am able to break away from the seductive pattern of edginess and doing, to come home to myself and my family.  It only takes one person to find the space for this heartfelt homecoming for it to spread to others.

I read a beautiful blog post today that resonated so wonderfully with me.  I’ll leave you with a few words from this post and the link to the full article.

“I want my kids to be dirty, messy, even bored — learning to become human. I want us to have a kind of existence where we can pause, look each other in the eye, touch one another, and inquire together: Here is how my heart is doing? I am taking the time to reflect on my own existence; I am in touch enough with my own heart and soul to know how I fare, and I know how to express the state of my heart.
How is the state of your heart today?”

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