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New Opportunities for In Depth Studies in Meditation @ Yoga Yoga

I will be offering two opportunities this spring to dive deep into the practice of meditation.  These traditions have been the heart and center of my personal practice and one that I feel so grateful to share with you.  Meditation has given me a strong anchor through the fluctuations of daily life.  The passing moments do not always looks clean and pretty, however, I feel a more distinct quality of presence and ease through it and greater sense of what is really meaningful today.

I will be offering Getting to the Heart of Meditation beginning April 13th for five weeks at Yoga Yoga Westlake.  We will dive deep into the four qualities of heart, discovering where they are within reach and where they are not, and exploring how to hold a kind space for ourselves in both circumstances.

I will also be offering a new round of Mindfulness Meditation Series beginning April 10th for six weeks at Yoga Yoga North.  We will explore both the method and wisdoms offered through this practice, and begin the journey inward toward self-understanding, clarity and freedom.

I looking forward to sharing my evolving experience and understanding of these traditions with you.

With gratitude,


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