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New Series: iRest Yoga Nidra at Castle Hill Fitness

I am excited to be offering a four part series at Castle Hill Fitness on iRest Yoga Nidra.  iRest (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra is a tool and practice for deep relaxation and restoration, paired with a quality of presence that is profoundly healing.

Below is the description of the series and the link to Castle Hill’s website where you can sign up online.

It is easy to feel depleted and scattered in the midst of busy schedules, with wellness unintentionally taking a back seat to productivity. Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra is a wonderful toolset and practice for today’s fast-paced life that offers restoration, integration and deep relaxation to its practitioners. Through iRest Yoga Nidra you will discover the tools to bring both well-being and intention into the forefront of daily living. Over the course of four weekends, we will explore the layers of physical, emotional and subtle energy body with increasing refinement. Each class will begin with a short discussion on iRest and its applicability and benefit to daily life. Discussion will lead into a gentle hatha practice and each session will close with a longer guided iRest Yoga Nidra practice.

Prior iRest or relaxation experience is not required. Come ready to rest and relax!

Saturdays 2-3:30pm, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31

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