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Day 6: Full Circle

On day six of this series, I would like to leave you with personal thoughts, rather than more information.  The amount of material that can be studied is vast , but we can begin bringing these practices into our lives in a way that feels suitable today.  Further study, understanding and insight will come in its own time, and being comfortable in the not knowing is essential.

Some days my practice has been a way to ground and feel clear, and others it has been the practice of welcoming ungroundedness itself.  Still there have been times where meditation has felt like a form of self-therapy; not in the sense of fixing and analyzing to find solutions, rather instead a deep sense of simply paying attention to what is here now.  In those moments, I have found myself practicing to see what has been left unseen, to listen deeply to those things that have gone unheard and to feel into the experiences that been untouched.  It has been said that “the act of paying attention is healing”.  I can attest to this through my own experience.

Mindfulness meditation gives me time to pause and check in with myself.  How often do we do this in our daily lives as we run from one thing to another?  I might even venture to say that we are more willing to do this for a friend than we are for ourselves.  Sometimes, we know a lot is going that we prefer not to turn to, and other times we are just carried away by the busyness of life.  “Being” takes a backseat to “doing”.  With meditation, we bring the practice of being to the forefront of our consciousness every day if we can.  Some days look messy and we feel more entangled, while others will feel less so.  When we learn how to take care of ourselves and know ourselves more fully, we can tend to our relationships in a more caring and gentle way as well.

Lastly, the more I sit, the more I have become familiar with my own “inner resource”, as Richard Miller refers to it.  Our “inner resource” is where we feel whole, complete, safe and at ease exactly as we are.  It can be challenging to feel into this place, but with practice it becomes more and more available.  With time, we begin to trust that this inner refuge of sorts always abides within, regardless of state of mind, body or circumstance.  It is our deepest nature and knowing.  These practices help us to uncover it slowly.

I want to close by offering deep, heartfelt gratitude to each of you in taking this journey with me.  I have learned both from what you have shared and the simplicity of your presence.  Some of you may feel ready to establish a home practice and explore further, while for others I hope this will have lead you one step closer to what you were meant to discover.  

Life is precious.  I encourage each of you to live it fully.

In Gratitude,


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