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Dreaming Big

I had the immense fortune of hearing Sugata Mitra speak today.  Sugata Mitra, for those of you that haven’t heard of him, is a researcher in the field of education and how it can be made accessible to those without resources.  Even more than that, he has been studying how and when learning flourishes and what that means for children and education everywhere.  It was a fascinating and inspiring talk.  With my girls being as young as they are and their future lying ahead of them, these are some of the people whom I consider to be my heroes.  They are the people who have invested their hearts in creating a future where our children may thrive, not simply survive.

Rather than reciting what he shared, I prefer to ponder what really resonated with me in my role as parent.

I want my girls to be on a journey that allows them to flourish and thrive.  I want them to discover their deepest passions and to have the courage to pursue them even amidst challenge.  I want them to love to learn, to explore and to be curious.  I hope they will discover community and deep connection with the world around them.  Our passions do not mean as much if they cannot be shared.  I hope that my children will discover who they are and what happiness means in this process.  Instead of being caught in the cycle of doing and achieving for achievement’s sake, I want them to engage with life deeply, to question it, to discern for themselves when they are fulfilled and when more is not needed.  Doing and achieving are great things when done with a keen sense of self and inner balance.  Without it we risk being caught in a cycle of lingering dissatisfaction.  I don’t dream for my girls to get into ivy league schools or the most prestigious firms or corporations.  That would seem to set too narrow a bar for them.  I dream for them to live life fully and courageously, to discover what happiness is and to make a contribution to the world in ways small or large that will bring forth GREAT meaning to their life.

Thank you to the Sandefer’s who have invested so much time and heart in creating an environment where I believe my children will learn how to thrive.  Thank you to the amazing guides, Anna, Samantha, Terri and Tara, for supporting this space with such care and skill.  Thank you to Sugata Mitra for being a true hero and keeping me inspired.

If you have not heard Sugata Mitra’s TED Talk, follow the link below.  It’s worth a listen!

If you are curious about the school my girls attend, visit Acton Academy’s website.

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  1. Manju #

    Beautifully described to live a life fully and courageously with passions and deepest desires, among the midst of various challenges , without getting caught in a cycle of lingering dissatisfaction ……… reading the blog! Thanks…..

    June 19, 2014

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