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Day 6, Yoga Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Series, The Journey Ahead

As six weeks have come to a close, I hope this journey has offered each of you something that you can walk away with.  Every opportunity I have to share this material feels unique and meaningful, so I’d like to thank each of you for your presence.

Take a few moment as you read this to close your eyes, place one hand above your heart and one above your low abdomen.  Simply experience your breath.  The world can continue to spin as you hold still.

As you open your eyes, trust and know that the essence of flow and awareness are always within you.  They are not qualities that need to be created, but rather require a gentle uncovering.  We can align ourselves with this natural capacity by struggling a little less and pausing more often.  In the space of pause, we discover the power of ease, freedom and choice.

Ultimately, I hope that these practices will guide you toward a deeper sense of well-being and balance.  In life, we often waiver through two states.  One is where we are swept away involuntarily by our reactivities and our patterns.  We feel out of control and unskillful.  The other is where we are trying to exert so much control over ourselves and our circumstances that we begin to feel rigid, disconnected and unreceptive.  Life will continue to pull us toward an edge at times, but through mindfulness and awareness, we can remember and learn how to return to center more often.  Center is where we feel more flexible, receptive and connected.  It is a place where we are willing to experience deeply while having the ability to maintain perspective.  This is the place where wisdom and clarity flourish and kindness naturally ensues.

Whether or not these practices land in your daily life, I hope they have opened your hearts and minds to a different way of living.  Perhaps they are a stepping stone to the next part of your journey, taking you one step closer to exactly what you were meant to discover.  I hope you will move forward with great curiosity and a touch kindness.  Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and learning.


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  1. Manju #

    Sheils ! the way you write, the lyrics , skillfully willing to express your deeply perspective is commendable ! Always love reading your post !!! Thanks for your inner desire to share the wisdom and soul food 🙂 with us.

    June 19, 2014

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