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Day 6 – Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Life, Opening to the Journey Ahead

Six weeks and six classes have come to completion.  Each of us are on our own journey through this mysterious and beautiful life, and each of us will take away something unique and personal from this series.  Perhaps, for some, the methods will land in our homes and our lives.  For others, it will lead us one step closer to the exact thing we were meant to discover.

Whether or not you feel ready to commit to a practice of meditation, I encourage each of you to take time in your busy lives to pause more often and to come into the direct experience of your body.  Take time to slow down and know what is unfolding throughout your day.  This practice is beautiful in so many ways, but one of the most significant things I have learned and continue to learn is how much wisdom is held within our bodies.  There is both insight that can be received and healing that can begin when we learn to listen deeply and feel openly.  Honor your experience whether it is joy, sadness, anger or ease, but at the same time give yourself space for perspective.  We are not trying to perfect ourselves or our experience.  Instead we are aspiring to hold everything that arises in kindness.  Where there is gentle awareness, clarity and wisdom will flourish.  Where there is clarity and wisdom, kindness will continue to deepen.

Life is a constantly changing stream of events and sensations.  Learning to flow with this current of change can be transformative.  We return to the inquiry we began with.  Think about all the ways in which you might be resisting life and all the ways in which you are holding on strongly.  What can you begin to allow and honor?  Where can you begin to let go and soften?  In there somewhere, there is room for a greater sense of ease, and a more fluid sense of who you are and how life is.  Allowing does not mean resignation and letting go does not mean we forget.  Both, however, can enable us to feel more free in body, mind and spirit.

Commit to this inquiry in your own way and time.  Most things in life are not worth rushing through or toward.  If we rush, we only risk missing the sweet and telling moments along the way.  Each of us is exactly where we are meant to be in this moment.  Your life awaits you.

With Love and Gratitude,


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