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Mindfulness Meditation Series at Yoga Yoga

I will be offering this series one more time before summer begins. It’s one of my most meaningful offerings as these practices have been a really powerful part of my life. If you have been curious about mindfulness meditation or already have a practice you’d like to deepen, please join me in a 6 week journey at Yoga Yoga North, noon, May 2 – June 6th.  We will come together to discover both the method and wisdom offered through these traditions and hope to carry the insights into our life with courage and kindness.

Please read below for more information or follow the link to register:

May 2, 2014 – June 6, 2014
at Yoga Yoga North

Standard price:
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Call to register: 512-380-9800
Looking to slow down the pace of life?  Wishing you could be more present with yourself, your family and friends?  Are you seeking ways to counter the stresses of modern day living?
Then this series is for you!  We will discuss how to skillfully prepare for meditation and build a flourishing home practice.  Classes will include discussion, gentle hatha practice followed by meditation.
Over six weeks, we will explore the practices of Shamatha and Vipassana meditation, as well as the rich wisdom offered from these traditions.  Using Shamatha methods, we will learn how to cultivate a more relaxed and stable mind, which then is fit for the insight practices of Vipassana.  Using Vipassana methods, will explore the three marks of all conditioned things:  impermanence, selflessness and dissatisfaction.  We will begin to understand ways in which we feel limited and dissatisfied in life and how we can move forward with greater ease, freedom and clarity.
This series is appropriate for those who are new to meditation, as well as those who have a regular practice and are interested in deepening it.

May 2 – June 6
12:00-1:15pm at North

Reserve your space early.

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