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Mindfulness Meditation Series at Castle Hill Fitness

I am very happy to continue sharing the practices and teachings of mindfulness meditation and this time around at Castle Hill.  This will be a six week series on Saturday afternoons, 2-3:15pm beginning April 12th.

Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Life

April 12 – May 17,  6 week series, Saturdays @ 2 – 3:15pm, Castle Hill Fitness

Click on the link below to register:

Are you looking to slow down the pace of life? Do you wish you could be more in the moment with yourself, your family and friends? Are you seeking ways to counter the stresses of modern day living?

Then this series if for you! The pace of modern day life is fast and can leave us feeling unsettled and scattered. This series will introduce the concepts of Mindfulness Meditation over six weeks. These practices offer tools and teachings that will allow you to slow down and feel more effective and fulfilled in the day to day.

I will cover the methods of Shamatha and Vipassana meditation, as well as the teachings that make them applicable and meaningful in everyday life. We will discuss how to skillfully prepare for meditation, as well as how to build a flourishing home practice. I am a mother of two, balancing the challenges of work and family life. These practices have been immensely beneficial to me and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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