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New Look, Same Feel

It’s been a while since I began my blog.  Initially it was a way to journal my thoughts and experiences so that I could be more honest and clear with myself.  Almost 128 posts and 4 years later, the blog has not only served it’s initial purpose, but,  in sharing it, it has allowed me to feel a greater sense of connection with others and freedom within myself.

With gentle encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to shift my blog into a website.  As I began to play with the idea, I knew that having images for the site would be nice since the internet has a large visual component.  I wasn’t entirely comfortable, nor open to the idea at first, however after much introspection and discussion, I came around.  I want to give thanks to Larissa Rogers.  I approached her with my intention and thoughts on the kind of energy and images I was hoping for.  She put me at ease and made the process collaborative and fun.  In the end, she helped me capture what I was hoping for.  So thank you so much for that, Larissa.

I hope you enjoy going through my site.  Feel free to drop me a comment or any feedback you might have.  I look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on Larissa and BeMoments, take a look at her website at

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