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Asana.  It is one of the eight limbs of yoga.  It is so interesting to me that it is through the vehicle of the body – this thing that is finite and contained, continually evolving, growing and decaying until finally one day all of that stops – it is through this vehicle that we learn and feel the essence of something that is infinite and expansive.  It is through the bounds of the body that we experience the boundlessness of awareness and spirit.

I am now in my 40’s, which means my parents, aunts and uncles enter their 60’s, 70’s and onward.  This is where we see not only ourselves begin to age, and yes, that can be a beautiful thing too, but we see our parents age and grow old.  It happens before our eyes and our hearts.   We see and experience it.   We also see that no matter how the body evolves, the spirit within can remain so beautifully free if we allow it.  I can continue to show up.  I can continue to choose how I meet what arises and know that the essence of who I am is vast.

I continue to enjoy the play and fun of asana, but I understand that its not about doing the handstands or the backbends.  Its about the journey therein.  Perhaps the ultimate lesson is in touching all of these various shapes and postures and in letting them go gracefully when the time comes.  Letting go does not mean that I am any less strong or agile.  The letting go requires a depth of inner strength and courage that one cannot see, one can only feel.  It is in the letting go that I loosen my ego.  It is in the letting go that I accept change.  It is in the letting go that I soften my hold.  It has often been in the letting go where I have learned how to love more deeply.

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