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Need a meditation support group? I’m your gal :)

I am looking forward to offering another Mindfulness Meditation Series this coming January at Yoga Yoga North.  I continue to explore and experience profound benefits from this practice and love the opportunity to share it with others.  Below is a short description and link to more details and registration.

Mindfulness Meditation Series

Jan 10 – Feb 14, 6 week series, Fridays @ 12 – 1:15pm, Yoga Yoga North
Cost: $99
Come to explore the practices of Shamatha and Vipassana meditation and the rich wisdom offered from these traditions.  We will delve deeply into the nature of the mind and how it affects us in the day to day.  Through exploration, practice and discussion we will discover ways in which we can step into life with greater ease, freedom and clarity.  
This series is appropriate for those who are new to meditation, as well as those who have a regular practice and are interested in deepening it.
Need a meditation support group? :)

Need a meditation support group? 🙂

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  1. I just signed up and am so excited. Thank you.

    November 21, 2013
    • I’m really looking forward to having you there Laura 🙂

      November 21, 2013
  2. I love the cartoon!! Thanks for all the work you do to make this a better world…

    November 21, 2013
    • That was sweet. Thank you Dave! It was really nice seeing you from across the room yesterday 🙂

      November 21, 2013
  3. Ditto what caminodave said. 🙂

    November 21, 2013

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