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Mindfulness Meditation Series Beginning May 9th

I am so happy to be offering another Mindfulness Meditation Series at Yoga Yoga Westgate, beginning next Thursday, May 9th.  The 1st session was well attended with a group of such inquisitive students.  They came with open minds and  really questioned the material, enabling me to become a student along with them.  And my study and offering of the material only helped to embolden my conviction in the benefits of this practice.

I also had another opportunity to study with Sarah Powers last weekend here in Austin.  Her teachings and led practices have once again committed me to my meditation practice with renewed vigor.  Interestingly, not only did it recommit me, but my husband as well, as I found myself meditating side by side with him in the early morning hours this past week.

During this six week session, I hope to offer detailed methods of both Shamatha and Vipassana practice.  I will supplement practice with teachings that will give the methods a greater purpose.  And of course, all of this with a lot of time dedicated to guided, as well as self led practice time.  The format will allow for a lot of individual questions and answer, and discussion as a group.  I hope you will join me!

Below is the link to the series on Yoga Yoga’s website.  This will be offered both at noon and 8pm.

With Gratitude,


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