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Mindfulness Meditation Series Beginning May 9th

I am so happy to be offering 2 more six week Mindfulness Meditation Series at Yoga Yoga Westgate beginning May 9th through June 13th.  There will be two time slots you can join – noon or 8pm, both at Westgate.

Whether you are new to meditation or are an experienced practitioner, this series will allow you to deepen both your understanding and practice.  We will discuss in detail the techniques of Shamatha and Vipassana meditation and the philosophies from which they originate.  Every class will include discussion, a brief hatha practice, and a guided meditation.  This series is especially appealing for the student who is looking to establish a regular practice with the guidance of a teacher and the support of a community of students looking to do the same.

You can follow this link to register:

or call Yoga Yoga at 512-258-1200 to reserve your spot now.


Sheila Singh’s personal study and practice are influenced by the traditions of Buddhism and Yoga.  She loves to integrate both into a comprehensive style that allows for deep self-inquiry and understanding.  The ability to take these practices off the meditation cushion has been life changing for Sheila, allowing her to widen her embrace of all life circumstances.  She considers herself a lifelong student and recently completed a Mindfulness Meditation teacher training with Sarah Powers at Kripalu.  Sheila believes in cultivating a ‘beginner’s mind’ attitude in her own practice and study, as well as the teachings she offers.  She intends for  students to leave the series with tools that will allow them to carry on their own meditation practice and remain receptive, curious and compassionate in their life journey.


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  1. So glad you’re offering this again in the evening. I’m looking forward to attending this time. Excited to sit still. 🙂

    April 4, 2013

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