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The Privilege & Passion of Experience

Love is such a complicated thing.  As much as we want to love, to feel love, to be love, sometimes there are so many barriers to it.  As much as I seek it, sometimes I get scared and I want to protect myself.  I fear becoming too attached, of facing loss , of meeting disappointment and heartbreak.  At times it seems easier to bury love beneath the anger and the judgements, beneath the preoccupations and the busyness.  I can feign separation so that I dont have to submit to the power of love, especially in the moments where it makes my knees weak, my throat tight, my heart heavy.  When it brings me face to face with my deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities.  With time, though, I realize that if I have the opportunity and fortune to love, I want to seize it.  Despite the chances of loss, of rejection, of heartbreak, I want to love knowing I have a lifetime to deal with all of its shadow sides.  I want not only the courage to love, but the courage to meet heartbreak and loss in the face and the light of love.  To know what it is I am really made of.  To love is to live and I hope to always draw upon the courage to choose to love.

“Whether I’m reveling in a glowing pleasure or even if I’m enduring a
sharp sadness, I always sense that behind everything there is the
privilege and passion of experience.”  Daneil Bor

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  1. Darshan Shah #

    Sheila, you are a courageous person to bare your soul to us through your writing. With the tears you shed you are letting love shine through–you are seizing the moment. It was very special to have you, Captain and the kids with us in Cusco, not because of the wonders we saw together, but because of what was spoken together. The deep sentiments your shared have woven stronger threads through our family’s tapestry. Thank you for your strength, courage and love.

    October 29, 2012

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