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Be it Good or Be it Bad, Just Be.

Having been exploring a more spiritual path in life for a while,  I would have imagined I’d be more of all the things I know to be good by now.  I’d be more compassionate, more patient, more fill in the blank.  Frankly, I still get frustrated.  I still lose my patience at times.  I react rather than respond.  There are days when my girls are giving me a run for my money and I am at my wit’s end, and yes, I still check out or even worse I’ll act out.  Compassion and patience come just as easily as they slip away.  Every now and then, I feel like even with all this effort, I am still crazy in my old ways.  I just see the craziness more clearly, which at times can drive one even more crazy.  Thankfully, though, I’ve learned to laugh it off more often than not.  I have learned to take things more lightly.  Sure I might react.  I might lose my patience, but if I can see it happening sooner rather than later, I still have the opportunity for change.  So in the end, we can take the pressure off being better, and simply become better friends with who we are.  The less we assault ourselves for all the things we are not, the less conflicted we will feel.   The less conflicted we feel, the more space we have to just be.  Be exactly as we are – be it good or be it bad.  This, in a nutshell, is the real essence of compassionate living.
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  1. Thank you for sharing! Be exactly as we are- great take away!

    May 10, 2012

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