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Yesterday I was playing around with a more difficult arm balance and though I am not a fan of posting asana pictures on Facebook too often, I did this time because it was a fun posture and took me time to figure out.  What was funny was that within an hour of posting, I had more likes and comments than I had probably received in a long time on any given post.  😉  I get it, asana is fun, it’s the more tangible aspect of yoga.  It allows us to explore and to be curious and playful.  It allows us to work with what we can see and feel.  It is the starting point of yoga, and it is exactly where I started, intrigued by the physical practice.  And I continue to enjoy the physical side of yoga.

But once the asana has served the purpose of healing and strengthening the body and allowing it to become more resilient, they become place holders for practicing more subtle things like patience and compassion, unconditionally if possible.  So when I show up feeling weak or inflexible, I practice being patient and compassionate in that place.  When I show up strong and on top of things, I try not to let my ego get the best of me and push me to my edge or push me to post pictures on Facebook. Yes, I failed miserably at this one yesterday. 🙂  I try to face my fears and my insecurities with curiosity.  I try to embrace my strengths with humility.  And the key word here is practice.  It is a practice which is hard, but with effort and discipline and even many failures along the way, we learn who we are in the most intimate of moments.  Through the guise of asana, we learn important life lessons.  We receive wisdom in spite of getting the posture or not.  Its not the asana that is the teacher.  It is the way we respond to asana that teaches us so much about how it is we respond to life.


Picture of the aforementioned posture 🙂

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