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Curiosity, Courage, Confidence ….. Finally Compassion.

I find that in life there is so much we want to do, so many things we want to be, so many things we want to cultivate.  And when we fall short of those ideals, it’s easy to become too hard on ourselves.  When the ideals become goals and not a path, that is when we harden.  We get fixated.  And anything short of those goals can feel like failure.  This is exactly when we need to practice self compassion & self care.  To know that life is not a set of goals, but a myriad of experiences linked together to be a spiritual journey.  A journey that will come with some of our hardest lessons and a journey that will bring us love and joy in the most unexpected moments.

The more I slow down enough to notice my experience, my nature, my impulses, the more I am able to give myself time for self care and self compassion.  And the more I look at my own nature, the more I know that this is human nature, something that connects us all.  And this understanding allows me to direct compassion toward others as well.

So when courage seems to be more than an arms length away, when your faith grows weary, when your curiosity dulls, try to be compassionate.  Know that this love, in and of itself, is the essence underlying all of these things.  With compassion, we always have a path toward a softer place.  A place where our ideals can be nurtured even through the ups and downs.  It is our most basic human nature.

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