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Cultivating Curiosity

This weekend I gave my girls a little 1st grade/pre-K pep talk.  We talked about how we wanted to carry ourselves into the new school year and they boiled down to what we now call the 4 C’s.  These ideals seem so applicable to both children and adults that I decided to blog it. 🙂  So here is the 1st C: Curiosity.

I often find that life can have a way of zapping the curiosity out of us.  We get bogged down in details, in running around after the next thing, the next to do, the next activity.  We can begin to run on auto pilot because we all do have so many things to get done.  I get it; I am in the same boat.  But I think it is so important to give ourselves those pauses, even a few minutes in the beginning of the day, maybe the middle, maybe the end, if we are lucky more often than that.  And in that pause, within that space, to allow ourselves to observe, to question, to be curious.  And maybe those moments will even change the trajectory of our day, make the field of our experience, of our minds just a little wider.  So move into your life with this quality of wonder.  Question and be curious about where the sensations of your body lead you, where your thoughts take you, how that affects your spirit.  And along the way be open to change, be open to changing the path you imagined, even if it takes you on the path you least expected.

So the night before the 1st day of school was such a wonderful example of this.  We had an early dinner and the girls were in bed by 7:30pm.  I tried to get to bed early myself.  But at about 11:30pm, I woke up to giggling.  I was a bit groggy and I couldn’t believe my girls were up and chatting away.  I got out of bed, walked to their room to find them in the bathroom, fully dressed, just about to brush their teeth.  Their eyes were lit up.  They were beaming with excitement.  I looked at them in wonder and said “What are you doing”.  They said “Momma it’s the 1st day of school and we are already ready!”.  They continued to giggle, smiles a mile wide.  I told them that it was only 11:30pm Sunday night and unfortunately they had to get back to bed.  They stood in disbelief, thinking that I was joking.  I finally got their sweet souls to bed, the excitement to mellow just enough so that they could sleep until morning.

It was such an endearing moment for me.  To see the excitement and wonder in their faces.  I continue to learn so much from them every day.  They have taught me what real unconditional love is.  And it is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.  They teach me patience.  They teach me how to be in the moment and how to find wonder in the small things.   They are my greatest teachers.  They are my inspiration.

My Loves

My Loves

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  1. what a wonderful post! and what a joyful moment with the girls!

    August 22, 2011
    • Oh it’s moments like these that make parenting the best thing I ever chose to do 🙂

      August 22, 2011
  2. Priis #

    They are the sweetest most curious little kittens!!! Out of curiosity, what were the other 3 C’s?? 🙂

    August 22, 2011
    • Yes, they are 🙂 And the 4 C’s will come in 3 installments 🙂 over the next 3 weeks!

      August 22, 2011
      • mo #

        I think you should encourage guesses. I’m going with: Contentment, Compassion, and assuming Herbie got to pick one, Carnivore. 🙂

        August 22, 2011
      • Ha, you got one out of 3 …
        Herb felt very strongly about Carnivore 🙂

        August 22, 2011
    • fyi, I do plan to blog about the last 3 of the 4 C’s
      but since I know you are so ‘curious’ 😉
      The other 3 in order are Courage, Confidence, Compassion. 🙂

      August 23, 2011
  3. Manju Jhawar #

    Hey, I loved the blog.These kids are amazing .I was laughing and had tears of happiness at same time. I love these curious cuties.Happy Janamastami.

    August 22, 2011
    • Thanks Momma! I think I am beginning to better understand your journey as a Mom as I take my own 🙂

      August 23, 2011

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