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Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

I sat with my family to meditate on Sunday morning.  We agreed that whenever any of us was ready to get up, we would do so quietly.  It was an insightful sit.  The girls moved and fidgeted right from the onset.  I found feelings and sensations of agitation rise.  I noticed myself thinking, “I wish they would just sit still so I could meditate quietly.”  It was almost like a carbonated drink being shaken as my agitation rose to the surface.  But as I sat and witnessed, the agitation dissolved much like the bubbles in a bottle of soda.  It slowly settled and I began to find a little space and a little clarity.

I enjoy seeing my experience move between my higher and lower self.  They both reside together.  I like knowing that I can connect to that higher place within.  At the same time, I like knowing that I don’t have to judge the moments where I am removed from it.  I just need to draw upon compassion and patience to allow those moments to pass so that I can find clarity again.  I know it exists.  It exists in me; it exists in everyone.  That faith alone gives me hope; it gives me great inspiration.

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