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Nature Speaks

I sit atop the mountain.  I am drawn into the majestic surroundings with the sweet sounds of a bass.  The sounds soft enough that they mostly lead me more deeply into the sounds of nature itself.  I close my eyes.  I feel the rays of the sun land upon my bare face.  I feel its heat upon my skin.  The wind moves gently, cooling as the sun brings warmth.  My hair softly moves within the winds of grace.  The sounds of the snow-capped peaks, as the ice melts and water streams down the mountain side, become more noticeable as the thoughts grow faint.  I notice my seat.  I draw into the sensation of the cool, yet strong earth beneath me.  Every now and then, I hear the music of the birds.  Nature is so vast, so strong, yet so subtle if you allow yourself to notice.  I feel an ant crawling across my collar bone, but I do nothing.  I allow it to remain as I feel so wholly connected with nature itself.

Here is where my body, my spirit feel and experience the idea that we are all one.  We are interconnected and there is something far greater than you and I.  It is here I am drawn deeply to know that there is poetry within the riddle that life often can be.  I am drawn to see the magnificence and brilliance.  As I gently open my eyes and look down at my shadow, I know it only exists because of the light of the sun.  They coexist.  One cannot be without the other.  And so I embrace the shadow and the light that is life.  And I hope that I can draw back to this moment, this beauty, this oneness that I see, hear and feel into my life, my every day.

Garth Stevenson

Thank you Garth Stevenson for your soulful music atop the mountain.

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  1. Sheila: This is a beautiful vignette. I love what you say about the shadow. And to sense the truth of the sun and connect it to oneness in your day to day life is a revelation. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    August 1, 2011
  2. thank you for taking the time to read it Rudri!

    August 3, 2011

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